A Guideline of to Reduce Transportation Cost: A Case study of A Transport Co., Ltd.

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Ratchada Taengphukieo
Nutthanan Issarapong
Pornsiri Khamla
Piyanat To-on


This research was a guideline to reduce transportation cost. The cost of fuel becomes a main and highest cost for delivering goods. Therefore many enterprises try to find a strategy to reduce a fuel cost as much as possible, for example, using gas instead of diesel fuel or controlling a driver to drive in a specified route etc. The research methodology began with collecting data and comparing fuel expenditure of A Transportation Co., Ltd. as a case company. From the study, it found that there were 2 types of payment used to manage the transportation operation; (1) actual payment and (2) pay per trip. According to one-month data collecting, the total cost of type (2), pay per trip spent lower that the total cost of type (1), actual payment as 21.91 percent.

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Taengphukieo, R. ., Issarapong, N., Khamla, P., & To-on, P. (2020). A Guideline of to Reduce Transportation Cost: A Case study of A Transport Co., Ltd. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 18(2), 69–76. Retrieved from https://ph01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jermutt/article/view/243661
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