Application of Neural Network for Network Rout Planning

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Pramote Anunvrapong
Phichet Moungnoul


This paper proposes a new forecasting approach for telephone network routing plan by applying Neural Network concept. For experimental results, traffic data from Khonkhaen 1 and Khonkhaen3 exchanges are collected and then compared with the values forecasted by using back propagation neural network method and using the Conventional Method. This paper shows that the forecasting method which applying neural network are convenient and suitable for network routing plan. This method can effectively forecast the traffic flowed between the exchanges, and dimensioning for each future network routing plan can be done appropriately.

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Anunvrapong, P., & Moungnoul, P. (2003). Application of Neural Network for Network Rout Planning. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 3, 22–26. Retrieved from
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