Estimation of solar radiation on inclined surfaces for Thailand

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Somchai Hiranvarodom


The monthly average daily global radiation on a horizontal surface for selected provinces of Thailand and the isotropic model are both used to estimate the solar radiation on inclined surfaces. The monthly average daily total radiation on south-facing surfaces of various tilt angles for these provinces has been estimated. The ratios of the average daily beam radiation on the tilt surfaces to that on the horizontal surfaces for the month as a function of the latitudes and monthly average daily conversion factors for global radiation on various provinces have also been computed. The results that are presented in this paper can serve a useful data for PY system or solar energy applications in Thailand and other countries that are located at the same latitude angle with a similar climate.

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Hiranvarodom, S. . (2005). Estimation of solar radiation on inclined surfaces for Thailand. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 6, 101–107. Retrieved from
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