Custom power technology: concept and definition

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Paisan Boonchiam
adarajah Mithulananthan
Arthit Sode-Yome


State-of-the-art of custom power system is a new technology that is used to mitigate power quality problems in power distribution systems. It can increase power quality of the system with the help of power electronic and control technology based devices. This paper presents principle and concepts of custom power and custom power devices, which are presently used in power distribution systems in some developed countries. It also presents basic idea of custom power, types of custom power devices, power converter topologies, and applications of this new technology in practical distribution systems.

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Boonchiam, P., Mithulananthan, adarajah, & Sode-Yome, A. . (2005). Custom power technology: concept and definition. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 6, 94–100. Retrieved from
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