Ultrasound Fetal Doper

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พีรพัฒน์ พิสุทธิพงศ์
สมใจ อารยวัฒน์


This research is intended to invent the fetal Doppler for the study and the solution of the antepartum examination. Traditionally, the fetal heart rate was measured by using the stethoscope that was the way the doctor had to find the best position of the mother' s abdomen and count the fetal heartbeats heard comparing with the time on the wristwatch. By that way. The heartbeats might not be clearly heard . And that was a problem for the doctor in diagnosing. This invented device, with ultrasonic system, is capable of helping to clearly hear the fetal heartbeats. and calculating the fetal heart rate which is digitally shown in numeric characters for convenient reading. It simplifies the pregnancy examination by giving the clear sounds from the speaker. The mother will have positive attitude hearing the heartbeats of the fetus. She can even measure the fetal heart rate by herself. The measuring device efficiency test was conducted on the accuracy calibration in the laboratory of universal standard . The test result shows the average inaccuracy of 0.428 BPM and average uncertainty 0.6574 BPM which is within the designated limit.

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