Mini-Linux Cluster for High- Voltage Electric Ficld Simulation: Design and Installation

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This paper is a report about designation and installation of Linux cluster system developed from ordinary personal computer for high-voltage electric-field analysis. Type of developed Linux cluster is a close system composed of three node-computers, In this paper, we are tested a computing performance of linux cluster compared with a Pentium4. 3,0 OHz. computer. Testing results shown that a developed linux cluster has more FLOPS and MIPS than the Pentium4computer. The FLOPS and MIPS of Linux cluster are 1,075 Mflops and 2,235 MIPS respectively, that is about 1,97 and 2.23 times more than pentium4-computer.

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ปานกลาง น. . (2006). Mini-Linux Cluster for High- Voltage Electric Ficld Simulation: Design and Installation. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 8, 48–53. Retrieved from
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