Study of Applicance Co-Cohol for Small Diesel Engine

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Study of applicance co-cohol for smll diesel engine was conducted in order to study the small diesel engine performances and co-cohol properties in various co-cohol ratio and compare the test results with diesel fuel. From the test we found that the co-cohol ratio which suitable is 75 : 25 by volume we tested with 4 stroke small diesel engine ,1 piston, brake power 3.5 kW and capacity of 230 cc by analyze performance of engine using co-cohol at ratio 75 : 25 by volume at engine speed of 1,800 rpm get torque 11 N-m , brake horse power 2.07 kW and specific fuel consumption is 432 g / kW - h . From comparing with only diesel using we found that decreasing brake horse power 11 % and increasing of specific fuel consumption 17 %.By analyze the economic aspect of co-cohol using at ratio 75 : 25 by volume the consumptives use of co-cohol diesel at ratio 75 : 25 are cheaper than the diesel cost about 2.46 baht kW - h (When diesel cost are 30 baht / liter and co-cohol cost are 20 baht / liter)

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