Application of Banana Sheath as an Insulator for Food Carrying Package

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ปลื้มจิตต์ เตชธรรมรักข์
อำนวย ลาภเกษมสุข
ขวัญชัย จ้อยเจริญ


Banana Sheath composed of hard shelter, whereas the inside structure is so porous. It was found that the dried banana sheath has insulating property which be able to apply for food carrying package such as lunch box and baby feeding carrier.

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เตชธรรมรักข์ ป. ., ลาภเกษมสุข อ. ., & จ้อยเจริญ ข. . (2007). Application of Banana Sheath as an Insulator for Food Carrying Package. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 10, 5–9. Retrieved from
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