Compared Fabric Seam Welded with Ultrasonic to Typical Seam

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The paper compares the seam property of fabric seam welded with ultrasonic welding machine to the typical

seam sewn with industrial sewing machine. Three woven samples made of polyester, nylon and nylon coated with polyurethane were used.

Fabric seam strength welded with ultrasonic sewing machine (using sealing wheel pressure at I bar and sewing speed at I meter per minute) is weaker than the general required seam strength for exported jacket which is approximately 15 kgf. However, fabric seam can resist water penetration at the seam even after 5th washed. The seam welded with ultrasonic welding machine under a given sealing wheel pressure and welding speed could prevent water leakage at the seam. This is referred to hydrostatic test under water pressure of 3 pounds per square inch within 2 minutes testing period. This seam property is comparative to the seam of a jacket sewn with thread and seal with hot glue.

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เตชธรรมรักข์ ป. ., & แสงวัฒนะ พ. . (2010). Compared Fabric Seam Welded with Ultrasonic to Typical Seam. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 1, 41–47. Retrieved from
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