Thermal Conductivity of Waste Fibers from Textile Process

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ธัญลักษณ์ จงมี
ปลื้มจิตต์ เตชธรรมรักข์


The research investigates the thermal conductivity of three wasted fibers, namely, wasted wool from carpeting

process; wasted cotton from carding machine; and silk cocoon which is the waste from spinning process. Test specimens were prepared using cotton bag having the dimensions of l0 x l0 cm'. Nine parallel lines having one centimeter apart were sewn to divide the bag into ten stripes. The sample fiber was filled in the slots of the bag so that the fibers were held in place. The test specimens were, then, tested for basic fiber properties, air permeability and thermal conductivity properties. It was found that the average thermal conductivity properties of wasted wool, wasted cotton and silk cocoon are 0.1 Wm. degrees Fahrenheit , 0.09 Wm. degrees Fahrenheit and 0.08 Wm. degrees Fahrenheit, ewspectively.

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จงมี ธ. ., & เตชธรรมรักข์ ป. . (2010). Thermal Conductivity of Waste Fibers from Textile Process. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 1, 1–7. Retrieved from
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