Adaptive algorithm design for symmetrical component detection using labview implementation

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สุรเดช อินทร์พุ่ม
กฤษณ์ชนม์ ภูมิกิตติพิชญ์
ชูวงศ์ วัฒนศักดิ์ภูบาล


This paper presents the adaptive algorithmd for symmetrical component detection using LabVIEW

implementation. The symmetrical component are important and can be applied be to aspects of power system application, for example, the power quality, power system protection and so on and presents the technique of adaptive algorithm for measuring the value of symmetrical component both normal and abnormal system, and carries out by using MATLAB program. In order to test this algorithm, the examination result found that it could track the abnomon and about only 0.04 seconds. When comparing this with fast fourier transform (FFT), technique it shows that the algorithm technique could adjust itself faster than FFT technique FFT about approximately 28.9015 times. This algorithm can be ensured by using LabVIEW program. It shows that the symmetrical component can be tracked faster than MATLAB program 16 times.

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อินทร์พุ่ม ส. ., ภูมิกิตติพิชญ์ ก. ., & วัฒนศักดิ์ภูบาล ช. . (2011). Adaptive algorithm design for symmetrical component detection using labview implementation. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 1, 53–61. Retrieved from
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