Studies on Defect Detection and Thermal Influence in SiC Substrates Using an IR Thermal Imaging Camera

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Passapong Wutimakun
Kaman Chaivanich
Theerachol Mahawan
Thongkam Chumpol
Chumpol Buteprongjit
Winat Intarasuwan


A long-wavelength infrared thermal imaging camera was applied to visually evaluate the thermal influence of defects in SiC substrates. Defects in substrates were rapidly and effectively detected by IR camera observation, and the dependence of the temperature on the defect size could be observed precisely. IR camera was applied to show clearly the change in heat propagation in areas of defects in SiC substrates by observation of temperature distribution images in real time. Consequently, the IR camera can be considered as an effective technique for evaluating the thermal influence of defects.

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Wutimakun, P. ., Chaivanich, K. ., Mahawan, T. ., Chumpol, T. ., Buteprongjit, C. ., & Intarasuwan, W. (2011). Studies on Defect Detection and Thermal Influence in SiC Substrates Using an IR Thermal Imaging Camera. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 2, 61–67. Retrieved from
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