Design of a Novel Compact Dual Band Dipole Antenna for WLAN

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รัฐพล จินะวงค้
สมศักดิ์ อรรคทิมากูล


This paper presents the compact dual band dipole antenna for WLAN. The antenna designing and operating principal are based on printed planar structure of FRA. The coplanar strip (CPS) transmission line with characteristic impedance of 50 Q is used for feeding signal. The proposed antenna capably affords with dual band operation. The fundamental resonant frequency is generated at 2.45 GHz. By embedded L-shaped slit on both arms of dipole antenna, the second resonant frequency of 5.24 GHz is obtained. The operating frequency of the proposed antenna covers IEEE 802.11b/g/a (2.45/5.24 GHz)standards. Provided Omni-directional radiation pattern in yz plane (H), the proposed antenna is a goodcandidate to apply for fixed and mobile wireless communication applications.

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จินะวงค้ ร. ., & อรรคทิมากูล ส. . (2013). Design of a Novel Compact Dual Band Dipole Antenna for WLAN. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 1, 69–79. Retrieved from
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