Studies on Usage of Products from Slow Pyrolysis of Tamarind Seed

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จรรยา โพธิ์บาย
ชนิกาญจน์ เพชรเลิศ
ธัญชนก เพ็ชรย้อย


This research studied on the products from pyrolysis of tamarind seed. The reaction occurred at 400 °C. The effect of non-filled catalyst, filled zeolite as catalysts at 0.25 and 0.5% wt. on the product yield was investigated. The products from pyrolysis were char, pyrolysis oil and gas. The results showed that the highest yield of pyrolysis oil was 36.79% as non-using catalyst. The highest yield of gas was 37.80% as using 0.25%wt catalyst. The pyrolysis oil was analyzed by GC-MS. The main composite in lower and upper oil were carboxylic acid and phenol, respectively. The heating value of upper oil was 22.13 MJ/kg. The char which made from pyrolysis was used for study the adsorption of methylene blue. The results showed that char which was prepared from pyrolysis with 0.25%wt catalyst and then stimulated with potassium hydroxide and combustion tend to get the higher efficiency of adsorption than char which was prepared from non-catalyst pyrolysis and char which was prepared from pyrolysis with 0.25%wt catalyst and activated with potassium hydroxide.

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