Design and Fabrication of Continuous Type Barking Deer’s Mango Nut Sheller

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Roongruang Kalsirisilp
Wootichai Chawsuanpair
Jaturong Langkapin


This research was aimed to increase the production of barking deer’s mango in the community. The machine consisted of four main parts namely, steel frame, conveying unit, shelling unit and power transmission unit. Experiments were divided into two parts. The first part was aimed to evaluate the optimum shape of shelling unit. The second part was aimed to evaluate the performance and efficiency of continuous type barking deer’s mango nut sheller.  Based on the tests results, it was found that the flat shape of shelling unit performed the best in terms of capacity and efficiency of the machine at the revolution speed of 1,000 rpm. The performance tests of the machine further showed that the machine had its capacity as 10.4 kg.nuts per hour or 1.04 kg.kernels per hour at the speed and feed rate of 1,000 rpm and 30 nuts/min, respectively. The electrical consumption was found as 0.87 kW-hr. The economic analysis showed that the operation cost of the machine was approximately 4.5 Baht per kg with the break even point of 393 hour per year.  Considering the working hour per year as 720, the pay back period of the machine was found to be 0.3 year.


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Kalsirisilp, R., Chawsuanpair, W., & Langkapin, J. (2018). Design and Fabrication of Continuous Type Barking Deer’s Mango Nut Sheller. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 16(2), 119-128. Retrieved from


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