Effects of End Plates of Bucket on the Performance of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

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Thanaphol Sukchana


 This experimental research was conduct to study the effect of the bucket savonius rotors on the performance and predicting an efficiency of vertical axis wind turbines with different closing end of bucket. The bucket made from mild steel with 1.2 mm of thickness while the ratio of height to length (h/b) is 2.0. There are three types of bucket for used in the experimental. That the both ends open is Model 1, the both ends horizontal closed is Model 2 and the both ends 45o closed is Model 3. Drag coefficient (Cd) of bucket is the first tested. Then assembly to the savonius rotors with the smallest Cd value in two type of bucket, while the gap of bucket is 0.1d. Experiment within the wind tunnel with constant wind speed between 2.7 to 9.2 m/s. The results showed that the bucket both ends 45o closed had the smallest Cd value of 1.19. An average wind energy efficiency (vm/vw) was 27% in speed ratio () of 0.8. Moreover, it is also to predicting the maximum efficiency of a wind turbine by using the relationship of wind speed, angular speed, drag coefficient, shaft speed and the efficiency of turbine bucket.

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