Design and Construction of Water and Oil Removal Machine for Pork Snack Production

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Manop Yamfang


The water and oil removal machine for pork snack production is designed and built to reduce the time spent in the pork snack production process. The machine consists of three concentric cylindrical tanks.  The middle tank has 9.5 mm diameter holes distributed on the surface of tank to reduce the speed of water and oil before colliding with the outer tank to prevent the oil reflection. The inner tank with holes of 8 mm is rotated to remove water and oil. The tank material is made from stainless steels and a motor of 1 hp is used for main power. When the manufacturers use this machine for remove water from pigskin, it can reduce the process time to 10 minutes / time at a speed of 179 rpm which is the optimal working speed. For producing pork snack, when this machine is used instead of the old machine, it can reduce the working time by 6 times. The old machine used by the manufacturer can take the oil out of the pork snack 1 kg / time or ½ bag / time. (1 bag contains 2 kg of pork snack). When the new machine is operated, it can remove the oil from pork snack 6 kg / time or 3 bags / time at the same period. The normal rate to produce pork snack is 50 bags per day. If the manufacturer uses the old machine, working 100 times per day are required. However, when the new machine is used, working 17 times a day will be done which can reduce working 83 times a day.

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