Utilization of Old Asphalt Road Waste to Produce Concrete Flooring Tile Product

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Wiharn Deepanya
Kittipong Suweero


The objective of this research is to develop the concrete flooring tile product from old asphalt road waste. The mixing ratio of Portland cement type1: coarse sand: water reducer type A: tap water was equaled to 1: 5: 0.02: 0.4 by weight of admixtures. The coarse sand was replaced by the old asphalt road waste in 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% by weight of coarse sand. The 6 mixing ratios of concrete flooring tiles were casted with the compressive machine and were tested the properties according to the TIS.378-1988 standard (concrete flooring tiles). From the results, they were found that the 50% replacement of old asphalt road waste was the proper ratio of concrete flooring tile. The increasing of old asphalt road waste in concrete flooring tile effected to decrease the water absorption and thermal conductivity properties. In term of the density and bending strength properties, there were not many differences when compared to the concrete flooring tile without old asphalt road waste. In conclusion, the developed concrete flooring tile product from old asphalt road waste can use as same as the common concrete flooring tile product in market.

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Deepanya , W. ., & Suweero, K. (2020). Utilization of Old Asphalt Road Waste to Produce Concrete Flooring Tile Product. Journal of Engineering, RMUTT, 18(1), 23–32. Retrieved from https://ph01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jermutt/article/view/241881
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