ZVS-Operation of LLC Resonant Inverter with Phase Limit Control for Induction furnace

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Piyasak Kranprakon
Anawach Sangswang
Sumate Naetiladdanon


This paper presents an LLC resonant inverter with phase limit control to guarantee zero voltage switching (ZVS) operation and protect switching devices from spike current during the heating process. The output power is controlled by using the asymmetrical duty cycle (ADC) modulation. With phase limit control, the non-ZVS operation and spike current caused by a change of duty cycle with fixed frequency and load Curie’s temperature can be eliminated. The proposed method is confirmed through computer simulation and hardware experiment. The experimental results are provided with the heating of a 300 g of Tin from room temperature until melting at 232 ˚C.

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P. Kranprakon, A. Sangswang, and S. Naetiladdanon, “ZVS-Operation of LLC Resonant Inverter with Phase Limit Control for Induction furnace”, ECTI-CIT, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 29-36, Apr. 2019.
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