A New Security Mechanism for Secured Communications Using Steganography and CBA

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Abdul Aziz A B
Aman Gupta
Sannasi Ganapathy


The quick advancement of computerized information trade has caused data security to be of much signicance in information transmission. As a huge measure of information is sent over the Internet, it is fundamental to protect the data from hackers. The current trend is to use AES for safeguarding the data from hackers. Even though, the AES is most frequently used encryption, but it has the disadvantage of employing several direct multi-variation conditions. Hence, it may be broken utilizing mathematical cryptanalysis. Because AES was once considered to be fairly powerful, it has been employed in a variety of encryption schemes, posing a serious threat. This paper proposed a 128-digit key cross breed algorithm (CBA- 128) based on AES and DES for enhancing the security and also applies steganography-based encryption to increase the security of the data during data transmission over the network. The proposed model provides more security for the data to prevent unauthorised access. The experiments conducted to prove the eciency and eectiveness in terms of security level and time.

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A. A. . A B, A. Gupta, and S. Ganapathy, “A New Security Mechanism for Secured Communications Using Steganography and CBA”, ECTI-CIT Transactions, vol. 16, no. 4, pp. 460–468, Oct. 2022.
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