ECHONET Lite Framework Based on Embedded Component Systems

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Feng Qi
Jie Ying Jiang
Hiroshi Oyama
Hiroaki Nagashima
Takuya Azumi


The large number and many types of electrical equipment in modern house-holds pose major challenges to developers. To increase the breadth of smart homes, improving the development e°ciency of electrical equipment in smart homes is essential. The present research proposes a development method based on embedded components for devices in smart homes. Besides improving the development e°ciency, this method of development reduces the developmental complexity and increases the scalability of elec-trical equipment. The smart home devices are developed and controlled in TOPPERS Embedded-Component System (TECS), a component description language that automatically generates template C ˝les when expand-ing new components or functions. Using the ECHONET Lite plugin, TECS then reads the parameters of the electrical device in the device description ˝le (JSON ˝), and outputs the function parameters for implementation by the developer. The evaluation shows that the code automatically gen-rated by the plugin slows down the software execution time by only 2%compared with the default, thus improving the software development efficiency.

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F. Qi, J. Y. Jiang, H. Oyama, H. Nagashima, and T. Azumi, “ECHONET Lite Framework Based on Embedded Component Systems”, ECTI-CIT Transactions, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 74–83, Mar. 2022.
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