Time Dimensional Consistency Aware Analysis of Voltage Mode and Current Mode Active Fractional Circuits

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Rawid Banchuin
Roungsan Chaisrichaoren


In this research, the analysis of the active fractional circuits has been performed by using the fractional differential equation approach. Both voltage and current mode circuits have been taken into account.  The fractional time component parameters have been included in the derivative terms within the fractional differential equations. This is because the consistency in time dimension between the fractional derivative and the conventional one which is also related to the physical measurability, is concerned. The fractional derivatives have been interpreted in Caputo sense. The resulting analytical solutions of the time dimensional consistency aware fractional differential equations have been determined. We have found that the dimensional consistency between both sides of the equations of the solutions which cannot be achieved in the previous works, can be obtained. By applying different source terms to the obtained analytical solutions, the response of both voltage and current mode circuits have been determined and the behaviours of the circuits have been analysed. The fractional time constant and pole locations in the F-plane of these circuits have been determined. Their dynamic behaviours, stabilities have been analysed. Moreover, the discussion on circuit realizations with fractional capacitor has also been made.

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R. Banchuin and R. Chaisrichaoren, “Time Dimensional Consistency Aware Analysis of Voltage Mode and Current Mode Active Fractional Circuits”, ECTI-CIT, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 81–93, Oct. 2019.
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