Rheology properties of elongational flow experiments

  • Chanyut Kolitawong Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok
Keywords: rheology of elongational flows, oscillatory elongation, elongational stress growth, elongational creep, elongation relaxation.


The objective of this article is to explain how most rheology properties used in elongational flow experiments, including uniaxial, biaxial and planar elongational flows, come from.  These flows can be tested in either steady, oscillatory, stress growth, stress relaxation or creep experiments.  In 2013, the society of rheology, SOR, United State of America, directed a committee to declare those rheology testing properties and their symbols for rheologists to use worldwide.  While we aim to collect all those rheology testing properties and their symbols, but there are some rheology testing and properties that have not been mentioned in this article.


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