About the Journal

- Focus and Scope

The Jornal of Applied Science is an academic journal published biannually by the Faculty of Applied Science, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok. The Journal publishes original research and review papers either in Thai or English covering all areas of applied science and technology. The journal will not accept articles, which have been published or are being considered for publication by another journal, nor should papers published here be submitted to other journals. 

"The Journal of Applied Science does not have policy to collect publication fee"

"Article must be revised and sent back to the journal within 4 weeks after the return for revision unless the article will be rejected"

"The Journal of Applied Science published both as hard -copies [ISSN 1513-7805 (Print)] and electronic journal [ISSN 2586-9663 (Online)] available on ThaiJO system"  

- Scope of the Journal

To publish academic, research and review articles covering all area of both basic and applied sciences and technology including pure and applied mathematics, statistics, chemistry and applied chemistry, physics and industrial physics, environmental science and technology, biotechnology, agro-industrial and food technology, medical science and applications, health and beauty technology, computer and informatic sciences and materials science

- Peer Review Process

Each article must be double blind peer reviewed by at least 3 reviewers from the related field.

- Language

Both Thai and English

- Publication Frequncy

Twice a year (Biannual)

First Issue: January to June

Second Issue: July to December

Courtesy by the Faculty of Applied Science, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok