The innovation of deltoid muscle injection models


  • Neeranute Wontaisong


Innovation, Deltoid muscle, Intramuscular injection


The major concern of the public health program is that the currently used muscle models for deltoid muscle injection are costly and inadequate for students to practice basic nursing skills. Thus, this research and development (R&D) study aimed at developing an innovation of the deltoid muscle injection model and examining the students’
satisfaction toward the developed model. The volunteer samples comprised 60 students in their third and fourth year with practical experience in intramuscular injection. The statistics used in the data analysis were frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. The finding indicated that the developed low-cost deltoid muscle injection
models were composed of inexpensive and lighter materials, together with different sizes created. The developed models also had the advantage that the fluid, usually water, could be used while training for injections. The samples rated their satisfaction toward the developed models at a high level ( X = 4.11). The developed deltoid muscle
injection models were likely to support self-learning, to improve students’ nursing skills and confidence when performing injections.


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