Project Planning and Water Management in Water Supply Storage Pond for Mitigating Water Deficit Situation in Phuket Province


  • พรรษวรรณ บุณยรัตพันธุ์
  • สุรชัย ลิปิวัฒนาการ
  • ชัยวัฒน์ ขยันการนาวี
  • พรรณพิมพ์ พุทธรักษา มะเปี่ยม


water management; water deficit; MIKE BASIN model


Development of an abandoned mine namely Na Toey located in Amphoe Taimuang,
Phangnga, Thailand to be an alternative water supply storage pond for partial domestic
and tourism water uses in Phuket province is the main objective of this study. The MIKE
BASIN model was applied as a tool for investigating the suitable storage volume. Results
indicate that before the development, the Na Toey mine could produce water supply at
the maximum rate of 7,500 m3/d without water deficit. The pumping rate can, however,
be expanded to be 24,000; 48,000; 72,000 and 96,000 m3/d with water shortage allowance
of 3 years in 30 years, if the old mine were excavated to be 0.7, 3.5, 6.1, and 9.3 million
m3 (MCM), respectively. In order to mitigate the crisis of 3-years shortage, water deficit
monitoring measures for 2 months early was performed in this study by considering
the water level and inflow of storage pond in dry season during January to April. These
measures lead to project planning for preparing the reserved storage from other sources
with the maximum annual volume of around 0.5, 0.19, 0.78 and 1.44 MCM, according to
the stage of development, respectively.






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