Engagement of Empolyees: A Case of An Industrial Plant in The Northeast of Thailand


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organization engagement; employee engagement; attitude toward factory


This research examined the employee engagement and  the factors related to  the employee engagement of a factory in the northeast of Thailand. The research started from a qualitative approach by group interview  with 35 heads of section and 70 of operational level  employee. The quantitative approach was employed by questionnaire from 851 employees. Data collection was done in October 2015. The data were analyzed by content analysis and inferential statistics. The results showed that the employee engagement level was moderate and high at 57% and 40.9% respectively.  They had a high level of engagement when they have known the direction of the factory, working with the good leader and having a better life in the factory  at 36.9, 43.7 and 47.1. The related factors to employee engagement were generation of employee, perception of factory policy, participation in activities, attitude toward factory, relationship to senior and relationship to colleagues






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