Type of Paper

Papers considered for publication in the TCA Journal are categorized into 2 types as follows. 

1. Research Paper : covering research works which contain new findings, originalities, innovations, high academic or application values. The contents can be experimental works, analytical works, numerical analysis or invention of new theories, etc. 

2. Technical Report : reporting results of tests or illustrating practical information which are useful and of the interest of the researchers/engineers in the area of concrete, such as new innovations, newly developed standards, best practices or new test results , etc.


Scope of TCA Journal covers

  • Production and application of concrete as well as various aspects relating to behavior of concrete
  • Cement and other constituents in concrete as well as various replacing materials
  • Admixtures and special concrete
  • Structural behavior under various loading conditions
  • Durability
  • Analysis and design of behavior and performance of concrete and concrete structures
  • Construction techniques, test methods
  • Sustainability, energy and environmental issues
  • Inspection, repair, strengthening
  • Maintenance planning and management
  • Other related topics

Publication Frequency

2 Issues per year (every 6 months), Each issue is composed of 4-8 papers.

 1st issue : January – June

 2nd issue : July - December