Behavior and basic properties of crumb rubber concrete


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Crumb rubber concrete, Modulus of elasticity, Basic properties, Concrete innovation


This study aimed to research the development of materials in the construction industry by using crumb rubber to replace sand in concrete production. The objective was to study how mixing crumb rubber in concrete influenced the basic properties of concrete. The compressive strength, elastic modulus, weight unit, porosity, and water absorption were the basic properties used in the test. The sand was replaced by crumb rubber at 10%, 30%, and 50% by volume. The results of the study showed that crumb rubber influenced the properties of concrete, causing the unit weight, compressive strength, and modulus to decrease, but also causing the porosity, water absorption, and flexibility to increase. The rubber granules behave to the voids in concrete and trapped air on the rubber surface resulting in that behavior.  The results of the study revealed that the influenced properties of rubber scraps are suitable for further application in development as building materials.


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