Guideline and development for green material interlocking brick

  • อรวรรณ จันทสุทโธ


The purpose of this research was to present the guideline and development of
green material interlocking brick, where waste and waste materials were recycled
into innovative production ingredients by collecting knowledge on characteristics
and properties of common block bricks, green building materials for the
production of interlocking bricks and guidelines and development of green
material interlocking brick. In addition, the focus was on the properties of
interlocking bricks, whether it was compressive strength, load type, and nonweight-bearing type, water absorption, thermal conductivity and Community
Product Standards(CPS) : Interlocking Brick (602/2547). It could be seen that it
was possible to choose green building materials as ingredients for producing
interlocking bricks in the appropriate ratio to obtain interlocking bricks according
to the standard, and to add value to the waste and waste materials leading to
commercial development and innovation in addition to increase the variety in the
production of green material interlocking bricks.


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Technical Report
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