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Keywords: Fully Precast Bridge Construction Technology, Barrette pile Foundation, Precast Column, Precast Crossbeam, Precast Box Segment, Continuous Span Bridge, Launching Erection Truss


This paper describes the innovation on a fully precast bridge construction
technology, in which all of the bridge’s components (Column, Crossbeam and
Viaduct) are prefabricated as precast elements at casting yard and transported
to construction site for a rapid installation. The name of the project is the
Laksi Interchange, locating at the intersection between Ram Intra-
Changwattana road and Phaholyotin road, north of Bangkok, where the traffic
conditionis the worst in Bangkok.The details of developing processes which
consist of Project Planning, Design development of Bridge’s Geometry and
Structureand Construction technique are demonstrated. The points of
highlight are firstly, the design of precast segmental bridge which introduces
the overall efficient design in such a way that the foundation size of the
bridge, using Barrette piles, can be minimized,resulting in less interruption of
underground utilities (water pipes, power line cables) and traffic lanes.
Secondly, the bridge elements (column, crossbeam and viaduct) are
prefabricated as precast element in advance at the casting yard and are able
to be deliveredto the construction site for rapid installation, rendering speedy
construction and less interference to traffic since no scaffolding and shoring
systems are required when comparing to the conventional cast in-situ bridge
construction. This innovative construction technique is obviously able to
demonstrate the fast track construction which not only gains the benefit on
time saving but is also afriendly constructionto the public. It provides the
proven solution in solving and diluting the difficulties and problems during
construction of large scale bridge projects in the big city like Bangkok where
the traffic is the terrible situation.


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