The Design of Voice Over IP Monitoring System


  • Jaroonsak Phuphong
  • Chanankorn Jandaeng


Voice over IP (VoIP) is the internet telephone that has been used traditionally as telephone system replacement because it sends voice via Internet/intranet technology, records voice and conversation as it can reduce cost comparing with landline telephone. Because VoIP needs internet/intranet as the main medium to send data, VoIP still effects from the impact of network failure, network low-speed, or security attack. The network monitoring is the tools to monitor and detect the anomaly network behavior. However, most of network monitoring are general and designed for traditional network. They cannot monitor VoIP function directly. This paper proposes the software architecture for VoIP Monitoring. Our system aim is flexibility and scalability. This architecture provides the way to custom in order to implement monitoring system for any organisation. Moreover, it can be applied to other applications which support SNMP protocol and generate audit log to readable text. Network administrator can reformat all inputs to JSON to store and index with ElasticSearch database.