Research Kaizen of Standardized Work Analysis with Motion Study by Time Prism Software (Case study: Textile Industry)

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Vithinut Phakphonhamin


        The purposes of this research were to reduce the cycle time by improving the standard work by using Video Analysis Technique and study of Motion study using Time Prism Software Ver.1.9.0. for improvement case study from the textile Industry by the production process of the sewing department. Presently, it was found that the target yield was 114 units per day, while the required 190 units per day. So, it did not achieve the target. By VDO recording in task group 9 was conducted to study the Cycle time of 4.50 minutes per piece. And Compared to the Takt time of 3.42 minutes per piece, the cycle time is too high. The ECRS has also been updated to provide new layouts and procedures to reduce waste from movement. As a result, the cycle Time decreased from 4.50 minutes per piece to 3.37 minutes per piece. The difference in Cycle time was reduced to 1.13 minutes that was 25.11%. This resulted in a yield of 114 per day for 195 days. The yield per day was 71.05%.


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