Production Scheduling Improvement for the process focus : A Case Study of Manufacturing aircraft Parts.

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          The purpose of this study is to resolve production scheduling problem of the case study company, whose business is a manufacturer of aircraft parts.

          The study presents a design method for production scheduling of the process focus. The features that are commonly applied for process focus scheduling are variety of products, small volume of order, machinery with different production capabilities, priority of the customers, and focus on the utilization of the facility. The study proposed a basic three-step process, including 1. clearly define the capacity of the machines, 2. plant layout, and 3. time span of the production schedule. Then, 5 routine steps are proposed including, 1. classification of jobs in compatible with machine group, 2. Grouping jobs for easing machine setup and reducing setup time, 3. Inputoutput control for increasing utilization of the facility, 4. Sequencing jobs by priority rules, and 5. Readiness review for preparation of raw materials and cutting tools.

          Performance indicators of the production scheduling are average job lateness and percentage of machine utilization. An experimental production scheduling of 40 items were performed. Priority rule in the 4th step presented an answer as a rule of thumb for scheduling. To achieve the objectives of this study, the Earliest Due Date (EDD) rule was proposed to resolve delivery delay problem. However, it turned out to have low percentage of machine utilization. In this study, it is advised to repeat 1st step through 3rd step until increase of percentage of machine utilization. At the end, all the steps can be written as a guideline of production scheduling for the company.


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