Lashing Guideline for Material in Natural Gas Exploration and Production for Road Transportation

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This research aims to develop a Guideline of Securing Material in Natural Gas Exploration and Production for Road Transportation for services companies who provide transportation service for a natural gas exploration and production company. This study is divided into three phases: the first phase is hazard identification, which is applied to analyze and identify possible root causes of road incident both before and after the incident by using What-If Analysis and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) respectively. Conducting risk assessment and risk level prioritization is the second phase. The last phase is developing risk management plan in order to reduce and control such risk. The study has shown that lashing practice is one of the major risky root causes of an accident during transportation, which is assessed as risk level 3 (high risk). Therefore, it is necessary to develop the lashing guideline to mitigate and control this kind of risk. The guideline is accomplished by calculating all concerned forces and variable factors. The result show that number of lashing strap from the calculation is greater than the number of the strap at current practice for almost kind of these materials. Therefore, to avoid any incident, the company who provide transportation service should apply this guideline to secure the material as per advice in this research.


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