The Reduction of Blowholes Defect in Cylinder Blocks during Casting Process

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From quality inspection on cylinder blocks of automobile compressors using X-Ray technique, it was found that most defects are blowholes, which occur in mold cavity during aluminum solidification process. In order to reduce such defect and its related time and monetary consumption, this study proposed to modify the positions and cross-sectional areas of the gate runner (inlet) and overflow (outlet) connecting to the mold of cylinder block. The flows of the liquefied aluminum and the air inside the mold at different times were simulated based on three different conditions on Flow 3D®software.The first case is the original conditions. The second and the third cases are the modification of the first by which a gate runner and an overflow was added, respectively. The simulation results demonstrated that adding an overflow at an appropriate position could minimize blowholes defect effectively since it increased the air–outflow channel and allowed the air being discharged smoothly.


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