Butanol Production from Soybean Hulls by Clostridium saccharobutyricum ATCC BAA117

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Butanol Production from Soybean Hulls by Clostridium saccharobutyricum ATCC BAA117 was studied the condition of reducing sugar production of soybean hulls and butanol production from sugar solution by sulfuric acid hydrolysis. The optimal condition is solid/liquid ratio of 1:5 in 5% v/v sulfuric acid at 121oC 15 min high pressure and produce maximum reducing sugar concentration of 31.86 g/L. In addition, By cultivation of Clostridium saccharobutyricum ATCC BAA117 using hydrolysate medium at the optimal initial sugar concentration (30 g/L) at 35oC and pH 5.5, butanal concentration of 11.82 g/L and total solvent of 30.31 g/L


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