A Design of Low Cost 12-Lead ECG Acquisition System Using Raspberry PI

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Suradej Tretriluxana
Pongsathorn Wungpila
Kitiphol Chitsakul
Kentaro Kato


This paper presents a new design of low cost 12-lead Electrocardiogram (ECG) acquisition system. The system is an integration of a biosignal analog-to-digital front-end
evaluation board, supplied by Texas InstrumentTM, and a widely known controller from Raspberri PITM. These two separately available gadgets were connected and operated by the costom-made software. This acquisition system is made for long-term multi-channel physiological signals recording with its own storage. With no need of an extra computer for operating, the system is stand-alone working at low cost. For more than two hours, our prototype unit was running through a test, acquiring 12-lead ECG signal from a simulator at 500Hz sampling frequency. The restored signals were constantly confirmed. The target groups of this work are the educators and researchers in biomedical engineering area who are demanding the biopotential signals. Our future work is to develop a new user interface and data analysis software.


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