Standard Acceptance Criteria of Colour Lipstick Decision Making with Attribute Gauge R&R

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The research utilizes Attribute Gauge R&R Technique as a data decision tool to set standard acceptance criteria in approval of the color of the lipstick product. The experiment was designed by selecting test groups, such as factory staff and customer group. Setting the Ho (Null Hypothesis): Repeatability and Reproducibility was not significantly different among all groups. The experiment has applied the colour shades theory of Fransworth-Munsell 100 hue to measure decision making capabilities which demonstrate in percentage of repeatability (% Repeatability) and percentage of reproducibility (% Reproducibility). The results of the experiment used the variance of each group to analyze the relationship between groups by ANOVA technique which is suitable for analyzing group variance.  When the variance results do no differ between groups, confidence level is set at 95% which is the initial standard accepted by the above mentioned parties to use as a benchmark for recruiting employees.  In conclusion, %Repeatability and %Reproducibility can be set as the initial standard of not less than 79.29 percent and 79.22 percent, respectively.


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