The Development of an Application for OTOP Marketplace with Android Smartphones: A Case Study of OTOP Products from Khok Khian Subdistrict

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Wiyuda phetjirachotkul
Chonthisa Rattanachu
Kornsirinut Rothjanawan


The objectives of this research composted of 1) to design and develop an application for OTOP products, 2) to evaluate the efficiency of the applications for selling OTOP products and 3) to evaluate the system performance of an application for OTOP products. The target groups for system evaluation composted of 3 specialists and 30 peoples of application user. Using the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) consisted of 7 main steps problem definition analysis, design and development, testing an implementation and maintenance by visual studio code and firebase as the tools of this research application for OTOP products. Evaluation of the satisfaction of the system has been found that the efficiency of the application for selling OTOP products in overall applications performance is at the very good level (𝑥̅=4.53, S.D.=1.04) and the satisfaction application in terms of practical use is at the good level (𝑥̅=4.17, S.D.=0.88).

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