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vorasun buranakarn


The Zoological Park Organization of Thailand (ZPOT) has government budget about 60 percent of total (600-900 million baht per year).  Earning income was about 25 percent (about 400-500 million baht).  The covid-19 crisis has forced to find another income since earning income reduced more than 80 percent.  With digital transformation policy, ZPOT has to adapt to virtual zoo alternative.  In-house digital marketing research (leaded by digital marketing committee) has been conducted with TQM, SWOT, and digital marketing expert reviews.  Online virtual zoo will be delivered directly to each mobile phone customer.  ZPOT Virtual Zoo consists of various products and services as 1) ZPOT Zoo Channel, 2) ZPOT Virtual Tours and Edutainment, 3) ZPOT Social Media Online Marketing, 4) Online Shopping, 5) Online Ticketing,6) Membership fee, 7) ZPOT Academy, 8) ZPOT Animal Expert, 9) Online Donation, 10) Co-working space, 11) Carbon credit trading, 12) Identity, business, and brand values.  Data showed that 42,000,000 people (70 percent of Thai population) using the Internet 8 hours 44 minutes per day, 5 hours a day via mobile phone, and 2.5 hours a day in social media.  If 400,000 people (1 percent of internet used population) spend 10 baht a month for zoo online, it would be 4 million baht (48 million a year).  If 1 percent of 4,660 million world population using internet spend 10 baht, it worth 466 million baht a month.   By promoting ZPOT virtual zoo, it would change income rate to 1 million baht per staff head a month, which is 12 times increased.


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