Enhancing the oxidation stability of biodiesel form Jatropha oil using Partial Hydrogenation

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Chanakan Asasucharit


In this research, partial hydrogenation conditions are studied to improve the stability of oxidation of biodiesel of the Jatropha oil obtained from biodiesel production to meet the standards of the Department of Energy Business (Oxidation stability greater than 10 hours) The process is implemented using this palladium catalyst on an alumina support. The optimum conditions for increasing the stability of oxidation reaction using partial hydrogenation process are at the temperature of 110°C, pressure of 5 bar, 0.2 percent of hydrogen by weight, ratio of catalysts to biodiesel oil for 0.036 using a basket containing catalysts at the speed of the stirrer for 800 rpm, and reaction  time of 90 minutes. The results reveal that the biodiesel has been improved in quality by partial hydrogenation processes resulting in the composition of biodiesel with the double bond at 2 and 3 positions in the amount of 34.62% by weight, reduced to only 8.40% by weight. This results in the oxidation stability increases from 2.28 hours to 10.67 hours.

Keywords: biodiesel, jatropha oil, oxidation stability


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