Opinion in Administration Academic the teaching Management of Guardians of high school students in Chonburi province

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Phumphakhawat Phumphongkhochasorn


The objectives of this study were to out the Opinion in Administration Academic the teaching Management of Guardians of high school students in Chonburi province And to bring the results of the study to the administrators of the secondary education office area 18 in 4 aspects of preparation of learning plan, selection of innovation media and learning technology, supervision of teaching and learning assessment and evaluation classified by personal characteristics of gender, age, level of education, occupation and average salary.

            The population in this study was 234 Guardians of high school students in Chonburi province. The needed instrument for gathering data was in form of questionnaire. The statistics for analyzing data were percentage, mean and standard deviation.

          The results revealed that the majority of respondents were female, were aged between 30-50 years old, got low levels of education Undergrad Degree, were agriculturists/general employed and had average salary between 10,000 - 20,000 Baht. Opinion in Administration Academic the teaching Management of Guardians of high school students in Chonburi province was in the overall high level. When classification in each aspect found that the Opinion the ranked 1 is selection of innovation media and learning technology. The next were the aspect of learning assessment and evaluation, preparation of learning plan and the last sequence was the aspect of supervision of teaching.


Keywords: Opinion, Administration Academic, Teaching Management



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