Noise Reduction in Shooting Range with Recycled PET Bottle

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vorasun buranakarn


Normally acoustical concern has less interested for most people.  For Royal Thai Navy Shooting Range (established 1970) is now facing noise problem since the expansion of Bangkok city area.  Within a decade, houses, townhomes and condominiums were built besides and around shooting range which clearly known at the date of bought that those properties will face to shooting noise problems.  The new Thai constitution gives more human right without any compromises, therefore, people and neighborhood have raised more complains to shooting noise.  All sounds from allowed bulleted were measured from 25 to 2000 Hz.  It has about 110-118 dBA in 1000-4000 Hz, 108-110 dBA in 8000 Hz, and 95-97 dBA in 20000 Hz.  After 4 squaremeters of 42 kg/cu.m. glassfiber installed, it has about 110 dBA in 1000-4000 Hz, 95-105 dBA in 8000 Hz, and 89-95 dBA in 20000 Hz. Using 4 squaremeters of 5 cm. thick recyled polystylene drinking bottle, sound reduction is similar.


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