Analysis of Tailing Storage Facility Cover Design Alternatives using soil water atmosphere hydraulic performance modeling in Thailand

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Quanchai Leepowpanth
Tran Thanh Long


This research aims to analyze the Tailing Storage Facility cover design alternatives using soil water
atmosphere hydraulic performance modeling. The analysis comprises of 3 steps: first, the potential
infiltration in tailing is estimated by Green and Ampt method. Second, the water flow though the tailing
is demonstrated under groundwater model. Third, TSF covers design alternatives is analyzed percolation
performance between surface water and TSF based on the thickness of clay cover. Results of data
analyzed show the percolation of 1-4 meters clay are lower than limited seepage (Percolation of 1 m
thickness of clay in this study is 9800 m3/ 12 years < 0.88m/ha/day= 264,000 m3/ 12 years, (Billiton,


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