Automatic Control Techniques Review: Part 1


  • Withit Chatlatanagulchai


Control Techniques, Basic Control, Adaptive Control, Robust Control


Existing control techniques in the engineering literature are diverse. This paper attempts to classify control techniques of which the author is aware from his literature review and experience with industrial control projects. Due to the vast number of techniques, most of the presentations will be brief; however, the reader will be pointed toward further excellent references. This paper should act as a starting point for readers, who may or may not have already become familiar with control theory, but are eager to see an overview of the control techniques, to choose techniques that suit their needs and to study them deeper. The work is divided into Part 1 and Part 2. In this first part, techniques that will be discussed are those of basic control, adaptive control, and robust control. In Part 2, techniques that will be discussed are those of nonlinear control, optimal control, and control supplements. The reader who is interested in the field of control and would like to know further details, is referred to an excellent control handbook [1] and references therein.






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