Key factors to reduce current driving commuters in inner Bangkok


  • Muanmas Wichiensin Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University, Bangkok


demand management, driving commuter, driver survey, inner Bangkok, toll


The paper represents the response of the current driving commuters on the number of trips made in inner Bangkok. We estimated a driving commuter trip and reported the driving factors. The study area was chosen in business area wheremost intensively mass transit network in Bangkok exists. The objective is to understand the drivers and investigate the key factors to reduce current driving commuter trips. Driving commuters who regularly experienced traffic congestion, lived outsideand worked in inner Bangkok were surveyed by questionnaire.The outcome from the survey reveals that the statistically significant factors which can increase the trips are the available parking space at workplace, education, number of cars in household, travel time to work and the highest acceptable toll level. Conversely, statistically non-significant factors are sex, age, hurry, driving distance, farness to the nearest mass transit station, parking fee, the south direction of their residence and tendency to change job to the area outside. The results are beneficial for recommendation on demand management policy. The analysis showed that in order to limit car trips in inner Bangkok, parking limitation at workplace as a non-monetary, and an area pricing as a monetary measure are the main key factorsfor success.




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