Analysis of parking fees and factors affecting the willingness to pay for the new parking building in the Health Sciences Center, Khon Kaen University


  • wuttikrai chaipanha
  • ลัดดา ตันวาณิชกุล
  • ปรัชญา จอมทรักษ์


Willingness to pay, Parking demand, parking building, parking fees


The objectives of this study were to analyze the supply and demand of the people who receive services at the Health Science Center of Khon Kaen University and to analyze the parking fees and the factors affecting the willingness to pay of those using the new parking building. The results of the study show that the requirement for car parking at the study site outdoes the number of parking space, i.e., 1771 cars. This reflects the necessity to provide more parking space in the study area. The analysis of the charging rates, which was conducted on condition that there is a new parking building and users are willing to pay, was classified by the sample groups. The results show that: (1) The staff members are willing to pay for the two parking periods, i.e., a maximum of 8 hours and over 8 hours at the rates of 20.9 and 38.8 baht, respectively. (2) The students are willing to pay 27.7 and 51.6 baht, respectively, for the two parking periods. (3) The public is willing to pay 22.3 baht (for the flat fee rate that does not exceed 4 hours), 37.3 baht for a maximum of 8 hours and 63.7 baht for a period over 8 hours. The factors mostly influencing the willingness to pay at the two periods of parking, obtained from the multi-regression analysis, is occupation, whereas age, gender, and income cannot be explained or do not have impact on the willingness value.


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