Watershed Stereo Photo Map of Thailand


  • Deeboon Methakullachat Kasetsart University


Watershed, Water basin, Photo map, Stereo photo map


Watershed maps are important tools for water resources management. Watershed maps show the watershed or water basin boundary, which is closely related to topography, especially height variation. Terrain height information is therefore important and useful for the utilization of watershed maps. Ordinary maps display height information indirectly using various methods, for example contour lines, spot heights, hill-shading, etc. However, watershed stereo photo maps employ the concept of human eye perception, consisting of the left and right stereo-mates. Stereo photo maps can really make people feel stereoscopically like they were looking at the topography directly. This study presents a process of producing watershed stereo photo maps using the anaglyph method, which is the most budget way of viewing stereograms. The viewing device is just simple red-cyan glasses and the displaying device is an existing computer display without any modification. Hence, anaglyph image is another alternative to present topographic maps on computer screens.


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