Fresh Market Layout Analysis using Monte Carlo Simulation Technique


  • Kasin Ransikarbum Engineering Department, Ubonratchathani University


Mixed methods research, Fresh market layout, Monte Carlo simulation, Borda count, Ubonratchathani province


Fresh markets nowadays are places to sell and exchange various commodities essential for both merchants and customers in Thailand. However, existing studies show that a number of fresh markets have problems related to food safety, environmental sanitation, and layout management of the market owing to the complexity of area as well as managerial regulations of the market. Regardless, there are no existing studies that focus on market zoning analysis using Monte Carlo simulation technique. In this research, we analyze a case study of Nayia fresh market in Ubonratchathani province aiming to 1) study the current situation of the fresh market by evaluating satisfaction level related to relevant factors for customers and merchants and 2) evaluate market layouts from different conditions by taking viewpoints from stakeholders involving in the fresh market. The Monte Carlo simulation technique is used to analyze efficiency of each market layout and the Borda count technique is later used to select the best layout of the market. Analyzed results show that the market layout, which considers consumer behavior is the most appropriate layout for the Nayia fresh market in this study.






งานวิจัย (Research papers)